Waitaha Canterbury Simulation Centre

​​​​​​​​​Manawa Simulation Centre (276 Antigua Street)

Manawa Sim Centre contributes to the provision of consistently high quality clinical skills and simulation education, thereby enabling staff to provide a high standard of patient care and​ minimise risk by:

  • Working in partnership with staff in the Canterbury District Health Board.

  • Working with training agencies associated with healthcare within the Canterbury region.

  • Working with other District Health Boards and national professional training organisations.

Clinical skills bridges the gap between theoretical and clinical practice in a protective learning environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate training as well as ongoing professional development. Clinical skills are broadly defined as any action which can impact patient outcomes including;

  • Clinical reasoning and decision making;

  • Teamwork and communication;

  • Clinical examination and invasive procedure.

Courses run through Manawa Sim Centre are now located on

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Clinical Skills Unit (CSU) will be moving into Level 2 in Manawa.


Aims and Objectives

The Clinical Skills Unit (CSU) contributes to the provision of consistently high quality clinical skills and simulation...



Contact details for the Clinical Skills Unit.


Training Equipment

Clinical Skills Unit can provide full and part clinical skills and simulation models to support your training whether that be...


Education and Development

Information about education workshops, self-directed learning packages and medical education offered by the CSU.

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Basic Assumption

we believe that everyone using the clinical skills and simulation resources and facilitates are trying to do their best and want to learn for the benefit of themselves and their patients.



Waitaha Canterbury Simulation centre will be a centre of excellence for inter-professional healthcare training.


  • Provide a support network for staff involved in clinical skills and simulation training

  • Promote Waitaha Canterbury Simulation Centre as the lead provider of clinical skills and simulation training nationally

  • Contribute the provision of highly trained inter-professional  faculty

  • Ensure access to high quality training for all healthcare workers


Page last reviewed: 07 September 2022