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Please find our education calendar in the link below:

Education Planner Maternity 2023

For further information please contact  or visit the Maternity Services Education Team on Level 5, Christchurch Women's Hospital or call us on (03) 364 4730

To book any Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury maternity education session please go to   For Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury employed maternity staff, all compulsory education will be allocated by the education team and all continuing education must be approved by a manager via healthLearn. 

The following planners may be useful to guide you on Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury/Midwifery Council/BFHI education requirements:

Professional Development Planner 2023 Core Midwives

Professional Development Planner 2023 Nurses in Maternity

NOTE: To download Word files, right-mouse click on the Word document link, select 'save target as' OR 'save link as' in the right-click menu, and then click the 'save' button to download the document to your computer and open it.

Adult CPR/Maternal Collapse 

Resuscitation training is provided as part of either Emergency Skills or PROMPT course - see below.


Four hours breastfeeding is included in this year's Maternity Practice Skills programme.

Breastfeeding forum via healthLearn

Cultural Competency

Mauriora Associates Online Foundation Course

Mauriora Associates Website 

Cultural Engagement: Applying the Treaty of Waitangi

Cannulation and Phlebtotomy

Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury Cannulation Course

IV Cannualation "Tips and Tricks" video (using non-safety cannula and including use of local anaesthetic). Acknoweldgements to Dr Jonathan Guirguis.

IV Cannulation Education Resource by Dr Jonathan Guirguis

Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury Treaty of Waitangi and Tikanga Maori

CALD Cultural Competency Courses

Learn Online Courses

Understanding bias

Cultural competency

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Not running in 2023.

Emergencies in Maternity Care

Emergency Skills Day 2023


PROMPT Ashburton 2023

Newborn Life Support 2023

Resource List:

Breech Birth Network - The Birth of Leliana

Arrow® EZ-IO® System - Proximal Tibia Site Identification and Needle Insertion (Adult, Alert)

Tranexamic Acid (TX): The Science and the Practice

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension and Pre-eclampsia in Pregnancy in New Zealand

Physiological Breech Birth Algorithm

Amniotic Fluid Embolism, An Australian-New Zealand Population-Based Study

Outcomes of Blood Loss Post-Physiological Birth ...

Newborn Resuscitation Practice Steps

Epidural in Maternity Care 

Online via healthLearn.

Family Violence

Online via healthLearn

Fetal Monitoring

OFSEP for free online course

Fetal Surveillance Education FSEP 2023

Fetal Surveillance Education Requirements 

GAP (Growth Assessment Programme)


GROW 2.0 Training Video

Create Birthweight Centile

Infection Prevention

Five Moments of hand hygiene online yearly refresher: via healthLearn

Covid-19 Infection Prevention: via healthLearn

Covid swabbing resources: via Learn Online

Maternity Morbidity/Pre-eclampsia/Sepsis

Maternal Acute Morbidity Prevention 2023

Pre-eclampsia online learning

NZAPEC 2023 Pre-eclampsia and Fetal Growth Study Day

Maternity Practice Skills

Maternity Practice Skills 2023 

Mental Health

Debrief and Wellbeing in Maternity Care 2023

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa (PADA)

PADA Events

Mental Health Education and Resource Centre (MHERC) Website

Perinatal Loss

Perinatal Mortality Meetings 2023

Perinatal Loss Workshop 2023

Perineal Care and Repair

Perineal Care and Repair Workshop 2023

Perineal Care and Repair Workshop 2023 - West Coast 

​Preceptor Development

Book via Ara: Mary Kensington, Head of Midwifery,

Smoking, SUDI, Screening and More

ABC smoke cessation on healthLearn

Learn Online for courses on newborn metabolic and hearing screening; effective stop smoking conversations with pregnant women; shaken baby prevention; sudden infant death in infancy (SUDI) 

Healthy Start Professional Development – early life science and behaviour change:



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