Midwifery Quality & Leadership Programme (QLP)

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The Quality Leadership Programme (QLP) has been developed in conjunction with the New Zealand College of Midwives, District Health Boards and unions (MERAS and NZNO) to provide a national transferrable pathway which recognises, values, rewards and promotes the professional development of core midwives. The maternity leadership team at CDHB supports and encourages core midwives to apply for Quality Leadership domains while employed across the service.

The national documents have been simplified, the evidence requirements have been merged with other processes such as MSR and performance appraisal and it is now hoped that midwives will find the new document easier to read and follow.

The programme has three domains of practice:

Competent: new graduate, new staff member, return to practice midwife who is competent to practice but needs to develop skills and experience to function effectively in the role.

Confident: has the necessary skills and experience to function confidently within her employed practice area. They will have a minimum of 12 months clinical practice experience and will be using evidence informed practice.

Leadership: has significant midwifery experience and is a role model and resource within the maternity service. Takes a lead role in quality improvement, innovation and practice development in their practice area.

Guidelines and Policy 

​District Health Board's quality and leadership programme for midwives covered by the MERAS and NZNO employment agreements (February 2015). Full information found here.


QLP Application Forms

District Health Boards' Quality and Leadership Programme

QLP Assessment Form - Confident Domain

QLP Assessment Form - Leadership Domain

QLP Application and Resubmission Form (required for both Confident and Leadership Domains)

QLP Leadership Activity Template

QLP Leadership Peer Review Template

QLP Yearly Domain Validation Form


CDHB Registered Midwife Job Description

CDHB Registered Midwife Position Description 


Mock Portfolios for QLP

QLP Confident Submission

QLP Leadership Submission

Where to Send Your Portfolios (CDHB) 

Personal Assistant to the Director of Midwifery
Level 5                                                                                                                    Christchurch Women's Hospital                                                           Afterhours: Ward Clerk on Maternity Ward, Level 5, CWH (afterhours: portfolios will be stored in a locked office).

Di Leishman, Dianne.leishman@cdhb.health.nz is the Midwife QLP coordinator for CDHB.

A local Midwifery Leadership Group including MERAS / NZNO representatives has been established to monitor uptake, consistency and manage any local implementation difficulties. This includes representatives from: CDHB, St Georges' Hospital, South Canterbury District Health Board, West Coast District Health Board and Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.





Page last reviewed: 23 March 2021