Training Equipment

​​Training Equipment for Loan

Clinical Skills Unit can provide full and part clinical skills and simulation models to support your training whether that be in the clinical setting or in the safe controlled environment of CSU. Equipment available for loan is for adults unless otherwise stated.  

  • Resuscitation manikins: adult, children & babies for basic life support.

  • Full size resuscitation manikins: defibrillation and intubation.

  • Full size simulation manikins: heart, bowel &  lung sounds, pulse, respirations & blood pressure.

  • Airway management trainers: intubation and bag & mask ventilation.

  • IV arms: cannulation, venepuncture and intravenous therapy.

  • Catheterisation models: male & female catheter insertion & catheter care.

  • Spinal models: lumbar puncture, spinal anaesthesia & intrathecal therapy.

  • Suture arms: suturing, clips & glue technique.

  • Chest tube model: insertion & maintenance.

  • Central venous access devices: insertion and care of PICC lines, CVC's & ports.

  • Diagnostic prostrate trainer: interchangeable models for diagnosis of ​prostrate disease. 

  • Gynaecological simulator: pelvic exam, speculum exam, IUD insertion and removal.

  • Rectal exam: interchangeable models for examination.

  • Auscultation trainer: heart & lung sounds.

  • Aspiration and injection of  joints trainers: knee, shoulder & wrist.

  • Arterial blood gas trainer: wrist.

  • Naso-gastric tube  model: insertion and care of naso-gastric tube.

For further information on how to request any loan equipment please contact CSU Co-Ordinator

New Equipment

CSU may not have what you require but by completing the form below we will consider the purchase of new training equipment.

Request form for new equipment.


Venipuncture Training Arm
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