Useful Medication Safety and QI Related Resources

Power Point presentation from Oct 2020 Study day

 Introduction to link staff being change agents in their area of expertise

Introduction to being a Change Agent.pptx December 2020.pptx


 Quality Improvement videos

 Introduction to Quality Improvement in Healthcare – why QI? (11 min)

 The Plan Do Study Act Cycle in health care improvement (3 min)


 Understanding Human Factors

 Foresight training/situational awareness handout for quick reference

Foresight training handout.pdf

 World Alliance for Patient Safety - Human Factors powerpoint

Human factors - World Alliance for Patient Safety.pptx


 Equity in HealthCare

 Achieving Equity in Health and Wellness MOH poster 

 Ashley Bloomfield speaking on "Equity Perspectives" (Video, 5 min)

 Chief Nursing Officer - improving health equity (Video, 3 mins)

 Medication Safety Links

 Health Quality and Safety Commission of NZ (HQSC) resources

        Medication Safety site

        Medication Alerts

 NZNO Guidelines for Nurses on Administration of Medicines 2018



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