IV/Medication Safety Education Days

These days are provided to educate link staff on current trends and issues in Medication Safety in 2021 so they are prepared to engage in the new roles and responsibilities of the role.  

Please refer to and be aware of the roles and responsibilities of a link staff member​ (located on this site) before enrolling for an eduction day. 

We are combining the Initial and Re-cert days in 2021 and making these all 8 hr sessions, to ensure everyone is up to date with the new remit.

We welcome as many current link staff as possible to attend a full day session in 2021.


All bookings for the Link staff education  days are to be made through the healthLearn site. You will need to create an account if you do not already have one.  Instructions are on the homepage. 


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Page last reviewed: 22 December 2020