Infection Prevention & Control Policies and Procedures

​​​This page contains the Infection Prevention and Control policies, procedures and guidelines used by CDHB staff. CDHB policies are controlled documents maintained by authorised CDHB staff only. 

Additional infection prevention & control information and resources are available via the Infection Prevention & Control policies and procedures. (Note: This link is to internal DHB documents and can only be accessed by staff logged into the CDHB computer network).


Infection Prevention & Control Policies 

Infection Prevention and Control Service   ​Jul19
Standard Precautions​Jul20
Transmission-Based Precautions Isolation Guidelines​​Aug15
Multidrug Resistant Organisms Control​​Jul21
Decontamination of Equipment​Sep15
Decontamination Of The Environment​Oct15
Reprocessing of Flexible Endoscopic Instruments​Jul16
CJD policy​Mar17
Linen and Laundry guidelines for wards and departments​Jul18
Food And Water Safety​Dec18

Staff Health And Management Of Work Related Infection Risks

Blood And Body Fluid Exposure​​Apr18
Outbreak And Incident Management​Apr18

Hand Hygiene Policy

Built Environment (Infection Prevention) Policy​Jun21

Animals in CDHB Healthcare Facilities

Inter-Hospital Transport of Patients in Transmission-based (Isolation) Precautions​May19

Influenza and ILI in Health care settings flowchart

​Infection Prevention & Control Guidelines & Procedures

Glossary IPC terms

Decontamination of Rigid Sigmoidoscopy Equipment



Diseases list A-Z

Care of Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis​Sep15
Norovirus Outbreak Guidelines​Apr17
Ebola Virus Disease Guidelines​Aug17
Cleaning and Disinfection of Birthing Pools Procedure​Oct17
Guidelines For Operating The Ventilation System In Negative Pressure Rooms​Feb17
Screening and Management of Paediatric Patients for ESBL​Feb17

Hotline Blood and Fluid Warmer Cleaning and Change of Recirculating   Solution


Associated Infection Prevention & Control Forms and Flowcharts

MDRO Admission Assessment Flow chart

ESBL Risk-based Assessment Tool for Patient Placement​Jul19
Nebuliser use risk assessment flow chart​Jul18

​ Construction and Maintenance Work Approval Form (Right-click the link > select Save as, to download a copy and complete this document)

Construction and Maintenance Matrix tool​Sep10


Page last reviewed: 21 October 2021