Fluid & Medication Management Policies

​​​​​​​​This page contains the Fluid & Medication policies for use by CDHB staff. CDHB policies are controlled documents maintained by authorised CDHB staff only. 

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​Fluid and Medication Policies

Subject​Policy Document​​​Last Review
Key Policies
Roles and Responsibilities Policy
Dec 21
Fluid and Medication Checking Procedure
Aug 20
Student Nurse Midwife Roles and Responsibilities Fluid Medication Management
Dec 23
Acute Pain Management​Epidural Management Policy
Sept 21

Adult Patient Controlled Analgesia Policy
Mar 21

Adult Surgical Based Intravenous (IV) Incremental Opioid Protocol
​May 19

Adult Guidelines for Naloxone Use
​Jan 18
Adult Policy for Intermittent Oral Opioid Dosing
​Jan 18

Intrathecal (Spinal) Morphine Guidelines Adult
May 19

Blood and Blood Products​

Blood Protocol - Pre-transfusion  
Nov 21
Blood Protocol - Fractionated Products
​Nov 21
​​Blood Protocol - Components
​Nov 21
​Blood Protocol - Adverse Transfusion Reactions
​Nov 21
MHP Adult Protocol
(formerly known as Adult Massive Transfusion Protocol)
Sep 22
MHP Adult Flowchart and Checklist
(formerly known as MTP Adult Checklist and Flow Chart)​
Sep 22

MTP-Paediatric Checklist and Flowchart
​Dec 23
Blood Resource Website-​


Amiodarone Policy
​Apr 21
Dobutamine Policy
Apr 21
IV Administration of Drugs That Require Cardiac Monitoring
​May 21
Glyceryl Trinitrate Infusion (GTN)
Apr 21

Intravenous Related​

Peripheral IV Therapy

Jan 24
Complications of IV Therapy
May 19
Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs)
Oct 19
Peripheral Cannulation
Mar 19
Venepuncture Phlebotomy Policy
Apr 21
Intravenous Iron Infusion Policy
May 21

Midline Catheters
May 19

Nicotine Replacement Therapy​:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy Limited Nurse AdministrationSept 20
​Medication Management​
Verbal Order
Oct 18
Medication Vest
​Dec 18
​​Other Modes/Routes of Delivery​​For other modes not listed, refer to Lippincott procedures

Intramuscular Injections Policy
Jan 19

Subcutaneous Fluid and Medication 

Jun 21


Oxygen Therapy Guidelines
Aug 19​
Adult Nasal High Flow therapy
Apr 21

Management ​

Preoperative Administration of Medicines for Elective Surgery
Jun 20 ​​
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