The PDRP Application Process

​​​​​​​​​​The PDRP assessment process is intended to be a positive experience, a time when each applicant's contribution to nursing practice and professional development is recognised and celebrated.

This process recognises your professional development and  how it contributes to your nursing practice.

How to get started:

Please note if you are from an External Organisation you need to speak with your PDRP Coordinator as Performance Reviews vary between organisations.

  1. See PDRP Guidelines Workbook at the level you wish to apply

  2. Discuss your application with your CNM/LM (as your application will need to be supported at the level you apply)

  3. Please see a PDRP Resource Person Located Here​

  4. Check Portfolio Submission dates at the bottom of this page (CDHB - New Applicants only) Bookings may be required

  5. Please refer to Policy Document Here for more information on the Programme

  6. Work through your performance review matching your examples to an indicator located in the guidelines

  7. Continue to work through the checklist located in the Guidelines Workbook

  8. Set out your portfolio in order of the checklist (This will make it easier on you, your resource person and your assessor to ensure all documents required are included)

  9. Once your portfolio is ready for submission please see your resource person to sign and date your portfolio as complete (The PDRP office highly recommends this)

On completion of your Portfolio please send to the PDRP office via Internal mail (CDHB) or as per your organisations preferred method of delivery. Internal mail is the safest option for delivery of your portfolio as we have a robust system with the mailroom.

​The PDRP office process

  1. ​On receipt of the portfolio applicant details are entered on to the database

  2. You will receive an email acknowledging that your portfolio has been received

  3. Portfolio will be placed in date order awaiting the next available assessor

  4. Assessment will be carried out and you may or may not hear from your assessor regarding further requirement of evidence

  5. If no extra evidence is required your portfolio will be sent back to the PDRP office for completion

  6. If successful PDRP will notify payroll if applicable, your CNM and you

  7. Your portfolio will then be returned 

Things to note:

​All new assessors have their first 3-5 portfolios moderated. Some portfolios may be assessed twice depending on the level 

All assessors are part of an internal moderation process to ensure consistency, fairness,validity and reliability of the assessment. This is done for every ten portfolios an assessor marks. The result of this WILL NOT change the outcome of the original assessment​

The assessment process should be completed within 10 weeks of receipt of the application. However should further evidence be required from either applicant or Manager this may extend the timeframe.

If extra evidence is requested from the applicant you will have 6 weeks to provide your evidence to the requestor. If this is not received within the 6 weeks the PDRP Coordinator can amend submission dates and notify payroll to cease payment until received. This may also change back pay if applicable​

Unsuccessful Assessments

If, at the end of the assessment process, the nurse has not yet met the criteria for the level being applied for, there are three options:

  • The applicant may accept the decision.

  • The applicant in discussion with the Manager can agree to work on goal in the areas needing more evidence and resubmit their portfolio. If resubmission occurs within six  weeks of the initial submission date, the original application date will stand. If resubmission is more than six weeks after the original application date, the date the resubmission was received will become the new application date.

  • The applicant may disagree with the outcome and choose to appeal the decision.

Resubmission Process

The process for resubmission at the end of the three year PDRP period is the same as for the initial portfolio submission at this time. Nurses resubmitting portfolios do not need to submit their portfolio at the set monthly intake; they may submit their portfolio at any time.

Unfortunately it is not possible for the PDRP office to grant extensions to expiry dates as Nursing Council requirements state assessment against the competencies must take place every three years for nurses. Consequently this also applies to nurses going on parental or extended leave over their 3 yearly expiration date.

If you resubmit your portfolio prior to or on your expiration date, there should be no interruption in your level of practice payment. Only if the expiration date comes and goes without resubmission will the PDRP payment be ceased. The PDRP office will notify payroll on your expiry date if no communication is received from the applicant. 


Portfolio Submission Dates for 2021

​If you are resubmitting a portfolio, please send to the PDRP team by the due date. The below dates are for new PDRP submissions. No bookings are required for submission dates Jan-Aug, only Sep and Oct require bookings. Resubmissions do not require a booking.

If you are currently not on PDRP and are wanting to submit a portfolio in September or October, you must make a booking with the PDRP office. This should be done in June to avoid disappointment. (These dates tend to fill up fast). To do this, please contact the PDRP office

​NOTE: The date below are the cut off date for the submission.  You are able to submit a portfolio prior to this date if completed to be entered into the sum.  If we receive a portfolio after the below dates, it will automatically be placed in the following month submission.

  • 18 January 

  • 9 February

  • 9 March

  • 6 April

  • 4 May

  • 8 June

  • 6July

  • 3 August

  • 7 September (CDHB Staff only - Bookings are required for NEW APPLICANTS ONLY to submit a portfolio. These are limited to 10 spaces only. Resubmissions do not require a booking)

  • 5 October  (CDHB Staff only - Bookings are required for NEW APPLICANTS ONLY to submit a portfolio. These are limited to 10 spaces only. Resubmissions do not require a booking)​​

  • End of year bookings - If you do not have a booking for Sept or Oct submission dates, your portfolio will automatically be placed in the ​January 2022 submission.  We are happy to hold your completed portfolios in a locked cupboard until then.

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Page last reviewed: 25 November 2020