Introducing ePortfolio

We are now in the process of a roll out of an ePortfolio system (electronic portfolios). This has been a gradual process for the Te Kāhui Kōkiri Mātanga PDRP.

The South Island Alliance Programme Office (SIAPO) has funded access to ePortfolio format for health care staff around the South Island. Joining forces with the Mahara ePortfolio site that is used by several other DHBs in Aotearoa, nursing staff from the  South Island Te Kāhui Kōkiri Mātanga PDRP are now able to access ePortfolio through a portal that has been set up in healthLearn (except for Nelson Marlborough Region nursing staff will access via Ko Awatea LEARN and North Island partnering organisations will also need to gain access to Mahara via Ko Awatea LEARN in partnership with their local DHB.)

The electronic portfolios contain pre-formatted templates from the Aotearoa Collaborative National PDRP template developed by a National Nurse PDRP Coordinator (NNPC) sub group.

Te Kāhui Kōkiri Mātanga PDRP are currently accepting both the current paper-based and electronic submissions, a timeframe will eventually be given of when we transfer to accepting only electronic submissions.

All nurse applicants, PDRP assessors, PDRP resource persons, nurse educators, preceptors, CNM's, CNS's, CLN's (area specific) essentially all those who undertake the peer reviewer role, those who provide guidance, support and/or assessment for a nurse applicant against the NCNZ competencies need to complete a short PDRP Introductory course on healthLearn - ePortfolio RGIT003


On completion of this course you will then be given access to Mahara

  • The first time you visit this ePortfolio Mahara site your account is automatically created and a 'ePortfolio' link is created on the left-hand side in your healthLearn home page.


  • Once in the Mahara site join your PDRP group by:


  • Click on Engage
  • In the search group dropdown menu > select 'All Groups' (NOT all my groups)
  • In the Group Category > select 'South Island Alliance'
  • Click + Join this group on the applicable PDRP DHB Group (i.e Canterbury region)

(Those partnering organisations able to access Mahara via Ko Awatea LEARN which are in the North Island belong to the Canterbury region).

You will be able to book in for ePortfolio training which is applicable to your nursing role via healthLearn.

After the - RGIT003 ePortfolio introduction course…

  • Can managers/reviewers please ensure they review the resources applicable to them
  • Can assessors please ensure they review the resources applicable to them.

Resources available on RGIT003 under Further Resources: 

Manager or Peer Reviewer:  Providing Manager or Peer Review evidence to a portfolio

Assessors:  How to assess a portfolio

Staff Teaching plans:  Teaching Plan Staff Introduction Session PDRP

Each of the South Island DHB regions will be conducting some teaching sessions to suit their regions roll out needs.

DHB partnering regions - please contact your Regional PDRP Nurse Coordinator for further information.

Te Whatu Ora ePortfolio education


Appraiser-Peer Reviewer Cheat Sheet 11 July 2023

Creating An ePortfolio Cheat Sheet applicant 11 July 2023


Please book for these education sessions via healthLearn:

  • ePortfolio Training Sessions CAIT005

Educator/Peer Support Session (2hrs) 

This session is aimed at creating your own ePortfolio with view of being able to provide support to those applicants in your area to develop their ePortfolio. Please bring a hard copy of your CV or be prepared to create one so you can fully engage in the session.

This session is suitable for all roles.

Manager/Peer Appraiser/Preceptors/CNS/NE (1hr)

 This session is aimed at those nurses who complete the appraiser/reviewer part of the assessment for the nurse applicant. 

Page last reviewed: 12 July 2023