CDHB Policies

Policies are controlled documents maintained by authorised CDHB staff only. 

West Coast DHB: Controlled documents that are authorised for use carry the WCDHB logo. Only documents with the WCDHB logo may be used on the West Coast.

Infection Prevention & Control Policies and Procedures

This page contains the Infection Prevention and Control policies, procedures and guidelines used by CDHB staff.

Clinical Policies

This page contains the Clinical policies and procedures for use by CDHB staff. CDHB policies are controlled documents...

Fluid & Medication Management Policies

This page contains information on Fluid and Medication Management.

Nursing/Midwifery Policies & Procedures

The Nursing/Midwifery Policies and Procedure site has CDHB and divisional policies, and procedures that are not available via...

Blood Transfusion Services

Blood Transfusion Services

Page last reviewed: 01 February 2024