Clinical Policies

​​This page contains the Clinical policies and procedures for use by CDHB staff. CDHB policies are controlled documents maintained by authorised CDHB staff only. 

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​Clinical Manual

Policy Name

Associated Resources

Cell phones in clinical areas
​​Child Abuse and Neglect: Management of
Child Protection Alerts Management
Clinical Governance Policy
Clinical Record Management
Clinical Records Retention and Disposal of Clinical Information
Clinical research policy​.CDHB research manual 
Complementary and alternative medicines
Coordinated Care Planning and Clinical Pathways for Patients Consumers
Correct patient - correct side - correct site - correct policyCorrect Patient Correct Site Correct Side and Procedure
Direction and delegation
Shared goals of care and resuscitation decisions policy
Early Warning Score (EWS)
Elder abuse policy​​
Electricity dependency in the home​Medically Dependent Consumer Status Form
​​Enablers Safe and Appropriate Use incl. Bedrails

Enteral Feeding Policy

Food Allergy ManagementAdverse Reactions Identification And Documentation
Health Practitioner Radiology Referral Policy 2017
Health Practitioner Radiology Referral Procedure 2017
​Hospital Falls Prevention Procedure
Human tissue disposal
Informed Consent​​
Internal referrals for consultation
Intimate Partner Violence policy

Acute Post-Strangulation form

Family Violence Assessment Intervention


ISBAR handover
Latex Sensitisation And Allergy in Patient Prevention And Management.
Malnutrition: Identification and Management Adult and Pediatric
Management of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy PolicyManagement of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Guideline
Nursing and midwifery scholarships
Patient identification
Patient's money and valuables
Patient status communication boards
Patients Who Are Prisoners
Point of care testing
Pressure Injury Prevention​
Restraint Minimisation and Safe Practice​
Return body tissue parts
Safe sleep for infants from birth to 6 months policy
Single use medical devices reprocessing
Shared goals of care and resuscitation decisions policy
Smokefree Policy

Stop Smoking Referral Form Te Ha Waitaha

Stop-For-Your-Op: Smokefree-Fact-Sheet

Standing orders​
Support care fundingSupport care nominated clinicians
Temperature monitoring of medication and vaccine fridges

Transfer of Patients between Hospitals

​Treating Adults who Decline Blood Products (including Jehovah's Witnesses) - links to the Red Book
Use Of Mixed Gender Clinical Space For Patient Care
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