Antineoplastic Drug Administration Course

The CDHB utilises the eviQ ADAC programme to credential people to administer antineoplastic drugs. eviQ is a web based cancer information service that is run by the Cancer Institute of New South Wales. Find out more about eviQ

ADAC Credentialing Programme Overview

ADAC consists of the following seven e-learning modules, each with an associated quiz.

  1. Handling antineoplastic drugs and related waste safely
  2. Understanding how antineoplastic drugs work
  3. Reviewing protocols and prescriptions
  4. Educating the patient and carer
  5. Assessing patients
  6. Administering oral antineoplastic drugs
  7. Administering antineoplastic drugs (all routes)

There are 3 competency assessments which are undertaken after successful completion of

  1. Module 1
  2. Modules 2-6
  3. Module 7

You cannot complete Modules 2-6 until Module 1 has been completed. This includes the quiz and the competency assessment. Modules 2-6 can be completed in any order. You cannot complete module 7 until all parts of modules 1-6 (quizzes and competency assessment) have been completed. Successful completion of module 7 includes passing the quiz, attending the workshop and meeting competency assessment. Please review the ADAC Course Overview

These modules are completed alongside supervised clinical practice where you will be expected to complete the ADAC Clinical Log every time you administer cytotoxic drugs.

All trainees will participate in a Clinical Skills Workshop once all e-learning modules have been successfully completed. This one day workshop is aimed to integrate theory and practice. You will be able to book yourself (via health learn) into the workshop once all modules have been completed.

This competency is transferrable to any health care setting within Australasia that recognises the ADAC programme.

Click for further ADAC Course InformationADAC Learning Outcomes, ADAC Learning Contract and ADAC Frequently Asked Questions


There are some clinical practice differences between the Adult ADAC credentialing programme and the clinical practice outlined in the CDHB Cytotoxic and Biotherapies Policy that you need to be aware of when completing the course. 

  1. The prescriptions/protocols that are referred to during the ADAC e-learning modules may differ to those that are used at the CDHB.
  2. ADAC highlights a 48 hour to 10 day 'cytotoxic period' from the last chemotherapy given. However, within the CDHB, the cytotoxic period can be from 48 hours to 7 days.
  3. ADAC refers to the use of full personal protective equipment (PPE) when administering antineoplastic drugs. However, the CDHB recommends the use of long sleeve impermeable gown and gloves; mask and goggles are optional.

ADAC do state to follow local area practice. However, in order to successfully answer the e-learning quizzes successfully, you need to use the ADAC guidelines.

Resources that are available to complete the credentialing programme include

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021