IV Cytotoxic Recertification

For scope and credentialing requirements please refer to the cytotoxic section of the CDHB Fluid and Medication Manual.

Cytotoxic section of the CDHB Fluid and Medication Manual

Recertification for cytotoxic credentialing is required every 3 years. You should receive a memo from the Nurse Educator 3 months prior to expiry to allow you time to complete the recertification requirements.

To recertify you need to complete the eviQ Education-Reassessment of ADAC Clinical Competency (RGMC011) on healthLearn

This consists of

  • An e-learning guide and associated quiz
  • Practical competence assessment

On completion of these requirements, your training records will be updated and you will receive 2 hours of professional development.


There are some clinical practice differences between the Adult ADAC credentialing programme and the clinical practice outlined in the CDHB Cytotoxic and Biotherapies Policy that you need to be aware of when completing the course. 

  1. The prescriptions/protocols that are referred to during the ADAC e-learning modules may differ to those that are used at the CDHB.
  2. ADAC highlights a 48 hour to 10 day 'cytotoxic period' from the last chemotherapy given. However, within the CDHB, the cytotoxic period can be from 48 hours to 7 days.
  3. ADAC refers to the use of full personal protective equipment (PPE) when administering antineoplastic drugs. However, the CDHB recommends the use of long sleeve impermeable gown and gloves; mask and goggles are optional.

ADAC do state to follow local area practice. However, in order to successfully answer the e-learning quizzes successfully, you need to use the ADAC guidelines.


Please note, if you are recertifying between January 2018 - December 2020 and you haven't completed the initial ADAC credentialing course then you will be required to successfully complete Modules 1-7 of the ADAC course (includes quizzes & competencies) and attend the workshop to attain certification. 


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Page last reviewed: 18 June 2020