Useful Links

  • The Blue Book
    Management Guidelines for common medical condition.
  • Canterbury Medical Library  
    Canterbury Medical Library provides a full range of library services to CDHB staff including print and online books and journals, loans, interloans, assistance with library resources, and training.
  • Canterbury IV Project 
    The group is made up of representatives from all CDHB divisions, Christchurch Private Hospitals and Community services. Provide an interface for healthcare providers in the Canterbury region who currently certify intravenous therapy as a competency for staff, to work more closely together, sharing resources and ideas.
  • Goodfellow Unit
    The Goodfellow Unit assists New Zealand health professionals gain new knowledge and skills to improve health outcomes. Catering for a diverse range of health professionals, they offer innovative and engaging interactive learning, access to case studies, quizzes and other resources, resources for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, audiologists and others. The content is developed and updated by relevant practitioners. It requires you to register which is free.
  • Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre
    The HIIRC is your source of knowledge to improve New Zealand's health care system. Sponsored by the Ministry of Health, the HIIRC supports performance and quality improvement efforts
  • Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003
    On-line version of the HPCA Act 
  • Interactive Pharmacology
    This site has been designed to increase understanding of important and sometimes difficult concepts and principles in Clinical Pharmacology. It is not intended to be comprehensive for all aspects of Clinical Pharmacology teaching, but covers pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Mauriora Health Education Research
    This site has a Foundation on-line Cultural Competency Course that provides a basic understanding of cultural competency and health literacy in the New Zealand health sector.
  • Medsafe 
    Medsafe is an online library of prescriber updates and data sheets
  • MIMS
    This website provides drug and medication information
  • NZ Blood Transfusion Service Handbook
    The Transfusion Medicine Handbook is designed to assist hospital staff and other health professionals in modern Transfusion Medicine Practice. Clinical staff who are prescribing and administering blood components and blood products will find this booklet particularly useful. In addition to information about the blood products and services available from NZBS, it provides an outline of the clinical indications for the use of blood components and products. It also describes the procedures for administering blood components and products and monitoring for any adverse reactions in patients.
  • The New Zealand Formulary
    The NZF is an independent resource providing healthcare professionals with clinically validated medicines information and guidance on best practice, enabling healthcare professionals to select safe and effective medicines for individual patients.  You can browse the online version or it is downloadable in e Book format.
  • The Red Book
    The Red Book is the Haematology departmental protocols and guidelines which cover all aspects of the Haematology Department's activity including administration of cytotoxic medications​​
Useful Links
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Page last reviewed: 07 September 2017