DEU Staff Roles & Responsibilities

The DEU practice area staff facilitates students' learning by:

  • Actively involving students in the assessment, planning, provision, evaluation documentation and reporting of nursing care.

  • Providing them with opportunities to take on increasing responsibility for patient/client care once they have demonstrated appropriate safe practice.

  • Providing a climate of positive support and mentoring for students where student presence is valued and their contribution recognised.

  • Providing a cooperative and collegial team spirit which supports the nursing council principles of direction and delegation (NCNZ competency 1.3).

  • Encouraging peer teaching/learning between each other.

  • Actively participating in decision making regarding the model of student education/supervision used within the DEU/clinical placement.

  • Demonstrating to students a high standard of professional and evidence-based nursing practice.

  • Demonstrating a commitment to own professional development e.g. PDRP, postgraduate study.

  • Working with education provider to ensure congruence between what Ara teaches and what is practised as safe, effective nursing care.

  • Participating in the evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the DEU practice area with respect to students learning outcomes.

  • Being involved in collaborative research and quality activities as appropriate.

  • Providing feedback to CLN, ALN and students' on their progress and performance for the student clinical assessment.

The Nurse Leader (NL) of the DEU is involved in:

  • Appointing a Registered Nurse(s) (RN) to Clinical Liaison Role (CLN).

  • Ensuring that the CLN Expression of Interest Form is completed for new CLN(s).

  • Supporting the CLN role by: rostering time for preparation, orientation and assessment; annual attendance at DEU workshop, attendance at Ara Introduction to Clinical Teaching Course GCCT700.

  • Appropriately using the DEU cost code for CLN supernumerary time.

  • Including DEU information in the orientation programme of new staff members.

  • Ensuring that nursing staff complete the CDHB/Ara Clinical and Teaching Learning module. 

  • Notifying the CDHB Nurse Educator, DEU of CLN(s) resignations and new appointments e.g. NL, NE, CNS.

  • Encourage staff participation in evaluation meetings occurring at the completion of first and third cycles as a DEU and then every two years

Nursing Council of New Zealand. (2007). Competencies for Registered Nurses. Wellington, New Zealand: Author.

The differences between Preceptorship and the DEU model of clinical teaching and learning.

DEU Model

Preceptorship Model

A Clinical Liaison Nurse(s) (CLN), from the CDHB practice area, is appointed to the DEUNo dedicated on-site support person to coordinate
A consistent Academic Liaison Nurse (ALN), from Ara, is allocated to and becomes familiar with the DEU practice areaInconsistent Clinical Lecturer (CL)
ALN and CLN responsible for student orientation (supernumerary time provided for CLN)CL and preceptor responsible for student orientation
All DEU staff share the responsibility for facilitating student learningIndividual preceptors responsible for facilitating the students learning
Clinical assessment completed by CLN and ALN with staff input (supernumerary time provided for CLN)Clinical assessment completed by the preceptor and CL
CLN and staff are provided with education on the BN curriculum and assessment processSome CDHB staff unfamiliar with BN curriculum
Students are responsible for their own learningStudents are responsible for their own learning
Increased student numbers. Minimum of 6 per DEU1-4 students per area
Clinical contact hours for the ALN are consolidated so that the ALN is able to spend increased time in the DEU to offer 'real time' support to students and DEU staff
More students = more ALN support
CL allocated several students across the CDHB therefore clinical contact hours allocated to the CL spread
CLN coordinates students' learning on a day-to-day basis 
CLN is supported by the ALN/Ara Course Leader
CLN provides on-site, consistent and accessible support to students and staff
Student peer teaching encouraged
ALN is able to offer on-site teaching sessions/ research support to staff and students

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