DEU Governance Group & DEU Working Group

DEU Governance Group

The Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) Governance Group (GG) is a decision-making group with a mandate to oversee the maintenance of current DEU practice areas, and to assist the DEU Working Group in the establishment of the DEU model to interested practice areas within Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB). The DEU GG meets once a month.  

Current membership includes:

  • Executive Director of Nursing

  • Head of School: Department of Health Practice, Ara

  • A nominated Operational Director of Nursing: Canterbury District Health System

  • A nominated member of the Nurse Entry to Practice Programme (NETP): CDHB  
  • Nurse Manager Professional Development Unit: CDHB

  • Clinical Managers: Ara, Department of Health Practice 

  • Clinical Course Leader 3A: Ara, Department of Health Practice 

  • CDHB DEU Nurse Educator

  • DEU Working Group members 

DEU Working Group

The DEU Working Group consists of Nurse Educators from CDHB and Nurse Lecturers from Ara.  We promote the DEU model; support the existing DEUs and evaluate the experiences that students and staff have while working in the DEU model.  We meet on a monthly basis.

The DEU Strategic Plan

Dedicated Education Unit Plan 2016-2018.pdf

Roles and Responsibilities of the DEU Nurse Educator

  • The DEU model of Learning is for Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing Students, Diploma of Enrolled Nursing students and Competency Assessment Programme for Students on clinical placement with in the West Coast and Canterbury District Health Board.

  • DEU NE is the CDHB representative of the DEU model of learning.

  • Maintain open lines of communication between Ara and CDHB.

  • Update and maintain DEU planner and DEU audit planner.

  • Promote the DEU model. Gain interest from CDHB areas and provide information.

  • Participate in the evaluation of DEU areas using Focus Groups, CLES+T, Zommerang tools.

  • Liase with DEU areas on a regular basis (review summation reports prior).

  • Letters to CNM, CLNs. Allocate Supernumery hours related to student numbers.

  • Manage DEU Microster and allocation of funds.

  • Maintain and update the DEU intranet site (see Jackie Nepia).

  • Update DEU publications (Brochure, Lecture notes, CLN orientation information).
  • Promote the DEU to other learning institutions- Via contact with Ara.

  • Participate in research and publication of the DEU model in action.

  • Attend monthly Working Group meetings at CDHB/Ara.  Undertake shared responsibility for chairing and minute taking in conjunction with Ara.

  • Governance Group meetings held monthly. Circulate agenda and minutes to attendees prior to meetings. Meet with Mary Gordon within the week prior to Governance group meeting.
  • Facilitate and coordinate attendance at cluster meetings twice a year. 
  • Facilitate DEU senior nurses forum annually
  • Assist NetP and PDRP departments.


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