Designated Senior Nurse

​​Designated Senior Nurses (DSN's)  practising in direct care and  in management, education policy and/or reseach must meet both sets of competencies in domains 2 &3.

DSN's practising in indirect patient care must still meet NCNZ Competencies and continuing competence requirements (DSN's must meet domain one and four). DSN's in management, education, policy or research must meet these competencies.

Key Evidence Required for Designated Senior Nurse Level 

Designated Senior Nurse Guidelines updated march 2021.docx

  • PDRP/Appraisal (Includes section on practice hours) found here

  • Professional Development 60 Hours 3 reflections on key learning activities

  • Printout APC 

  • CV

  • Please make sure you see a Resource Person before you start working on your portfolio and before you submit your portfolio to the PDRP Office.

  • Note: Your portfolio must be seen and signed off by your Resource Person - if this is not completed the PDRP Office will send your portfolio back for this to be completed

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Page last reviewed: 08 June 2022