A comprehensive alphabetical list of Canterbury District Health Board services.

Services A - Z

    Accident & Emergency (the Emergency Department)

    The ED annually cares for 84000+ adults and children and are a trauma receiving area. We service a population 500,000 and collaborate with a wide internal and external network of multi-disciplinary colleagues.

    Also listed as Emergency Department, ED (the Emergency Department)

    Acne (Dermatology)

    Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its diseases.

    Also listed as Dermatology, Skin Diseases, Psoriasis (Dermatology), Eczema (Dermatology)

    Acronyns and Terminology

    A glossary of terms and abbreviations used by Canterbury District Health Board​

    Also listed as Glossary of health terms & acronyms, Jargon

    Admission to hospital

    ​​You will either be visiting one of our hospitals for an outpatients or other appointment or will be admitted to hospital as an arranged admission or as an emergency admission.

    Also listed as Arriving at hospital, Day surgery, Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA), Pre-admission clinic

    Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Service

    The needs of some young people with cancer don't always fit into either paediatric or adult cancer services so the AYA cancer service aims to fill that gap.

    Adult Acute Inpatient Service (Te Awakura)

    Adult Acute Inpatient Service (Te Awakura) is a Four ward complex at Hillmorton Hospital providing assessment and treatment for adults with acute mental illness when 24 hour nursing care is required.

    Also listed as Te Awakura (Adult Acute Inpatient Service)

    Adult Community Mental Health

    The Adult Community Mental Health service provides assessment, treatment and support services to adults in the community.

    Advance Care Planning

    The Older Person's Health Specialist Service (OPHSS) consists of three specialist services: Assessment Treatment and Rehabilitation (inpatient) services, Community Services and Older Persons Mental Health

    Also listed as Older Person's Health Specialist Service, OPHSS (CDHB Older Person's Health Specialist Service)

    Advisory Committee

    Also listed as Hospital Advisory Committee, HAC (Hospital Advisory Committee)

    After hours medical care for children under 13

    Except in a medical emergency (when you should call 111), you should see your family doctor also known as your general practitioner or practice nurse at your local general practice about the primary health care of you and your family.

    Also listed as Family Doctors (General Practitioners), Care around the clock, General Practitioners (GPs), Primary Health Organisations, Christchurch Primary Health Organisation, Pegasus Health, Rural Canterbury Primary Health Organisation, Findadoctor

    All Hospitals

    Find out about hospitals and rural facilities in Christchurch and Canterbury, including maps, parking information, contact phone numbers, visiting hours and the services provided at these locations.


    The Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) is a collective alliance of healthcare leaders, professionals and providers from across the Canterbury health system.

    Also listed as Canterbury Clinical Network District Alliance (CCN), South Island Alliance


    The Department of Anaesthesia is based at Christchurch Hospital. The Pain Management Centre is based at Burwood Hospital

    Also listed as Pain Management

    Anaphylaxis Education

    Our service offers support to children, young people and their families across all schools in Canterbury with nurses based at some rural facilities. This website is a brief guide to what you can expect from our service.

    Also listed as Public Health Nursing Service (PHNS), BCG vaccinations, Well Child Tamariki Ora services, Head Lice, School nurses

    Arriving at hospital

    ​​You will either be visiting one of our hospitals for an outpatients or other appointment or will be admitted to hospital as an arranged admission or as an emergency admission.

    Also listed as Admission to hospital, Day surgery, Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA), Pre-admission clinic

    Arriving at the ward

    Useful information about your stay in our hospitals, what happens when you are admitted, what to bring with you and our approach to your care.

    Also listed as Your stay in hospital, Enquiries from relatives, Calls from relatives and friends, Interpreter services, Meals on Wheels and home help, Out of town accommodation , Smokefree, Meal times, Infection prevention

    Arthritis and Related Disorders (Rheumatology)

    The Rheumatology and Immunology Service provides inpatient, outpatient, day patient and inter-hospital consultative services for patients with rheumatic disease, primary immunodeficiency and serious allergy.

    Also listed as Immunology, Rheumatology and Immunology Service, Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease​​, Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis​​


    Otolaryngology ( Ear, Nose & Throat) involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries or malformations of the ear, nose, throat, head, and neck.

    Also listed as Otolaryngology (ENT), ENT (Otolaryngology Outpatient Department)

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