Te Komiti Whakarite

​​Te Komiti Whakarite was established in September 2002 to assess and provide cultural advice through the development, implementation and review of the Christchurch Hospital Māori Health Plan, and to further support Christchurch Hospital to meet the Health & Disability Sector Standards, and accreditation standards.

  • Use a Māori perspective in reviewing research proposals submitted by Christchurch Hospital staff.

  • To respond to or provide guidance on any corrective actions related to accreditation or certification.

  • To assist with the identification of any barriers of meeting accreditation and certification standards.

  • Support, advise on and critique cultural processes, policies and procedures related to improving Māori participation and Māori health outcomes at Christchurch Hospital.


What are our Objectives?

To plan and facilitate implementation of Māori focused policies and procedures within Christchurch Hospital.

  • Support, advise on, critique and oversee the development and implementation of Māori services within Christchurch Hospital, including Te Whare Mahana.

  • Provide cultural advice to Christchurch Hospital Management, Educators and Clinicians.

Contact details

To contact Te Komiti Whakarite, email maorihealthservices@cdhb.health.nz

Page last reviewed: 23 September 2021