Become a PDRP Assessor

Become a PDRP Assessor

All assessors must have already successfully completed a portfolio at RN/EN proficient or expert / accomplished or Designated Senior Nursel (DSN) level.

The Exective Director of Nursing expects the PDRP assessors who are in a DSN role to have submitted their DSN portfolio, demonstrating their competency to NCNZ using the competency indicators for nurses involved in management, education, research or policy. These are found within the Senior Nursing Performance Apprasial (CDHB);  (or Aotearoa Collaborative PDRP DSN/Senior Nurse ePortfolio template) or in the PDRP workbook guidelines which are available on the PDRP website.

Important New Assessor Information

If you are interested in becoming an assessor with Te Kāhui Kōkiri Mātanga PDRP firstly have a conversation with your line manager then can you please email the PDRP team on with your intention and nomination information BEFORE you begin the 4098 course with Open Polytechnic.

You will be given some direction on when to begin your 4098 course to align with the next New Assessor training day. This training gives education on assessment against Nursing Council competencies and direction for your assignment.  

Requirements and Responsibilities of an Assessor

  • Complete a minimum of 8 portfolios per year.

  • Develop and maintain current knowledge of relevant issues, trends and practices relating to the PDRP.

  • Promote and enhance the PDRP and its processes.

  • Complete a 4098 Workplace Assessor course or equivalent NZQA course (see below for open polytechnic course outline).

  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout and after completion of assessment process, and ensure portfolios are kept in a secure and private area during the assessment process.

  • Attend at least one PDRP assessor update per year and maintain current knowledge of relevant PDRP assessor information supplied by the programme or the DHB area you are associated with.

  • Attain and maintain as a minimum Proficient level on PDRP for Registered and Enrolled Nurses. Senior Nursing assessors (e.g. CNE) will attain and maintain Designated Senior Nurse level reflecting the competencies required for nurses involved in management, education, policy or research as well as meeting the requirements of their position description within the competencies of practice.

Selection Criteria and Nomination Process

  • Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses will be recognised for their knowledge, expertise and sound clinical knowledge base.

  • Commitment to the PDRP within their area of practice.

  • Respect and credibility from their peers/colleagues.

  • Commitment to their own education and professional development.​

  • A nomination form is completed by a colleague or peer.  

  • Nomination form: PDRP Assessor Nomination 22112021.pdf  

  • Nominee agrees with being nominated and completes their section of the form.

  • Nursing Line Manager/Professional Advisor signs the nomination form and agrees to facilitating the assessors release as required.

  • PDRP Coordinator reviews nomination forms and may complete reference check.

  • Please print Assessor Nomination form, complete and return the form to

New Assessor Training 

The Open Polytechnic course outline

The Open Polytechnic has a free online course (OP4098) which you can access and complete to be a PDRP Assessor.  This course has an assessment component for you to complete.  

  • The Open Polytechnic course equates to 60 hours of learning.

  • Trainee Assessors will develop and apply knowledge and skills in preparting their learners for assessment.

  • You will also develop skills in reflective practice and gain an understanding of assessment processess including post-assessment processes.

  • You will also develop skills in reflective practice and gain an understanding of assessment processess including post-assessment processes.

  • You will develop a learner-centre approach to assessment practice including preparing for assessment, making quality assessment decisions and providing effective and appropriate feedback.

  • You will have access to learning mentors to help with the course and to student learning support via Open Polytechnic.

  • Following the successful completion of the OP4098 course a face to face education session with the PDRP coordinator will be arranged from your DHB regional area. This face to face session may be individualised to you or as a more formalised study day depending on DHB requirements. You will be guided through an assessment of a portfolio against the Nursing Council NZ competencies to enhance your learning, having the opportunity to ask questions, discuss the assessment process and  assessment summary writing. This may invoive ePortfolio training on assessment.

  • For Regional Partnering Organisations (Non Canterbury area) see your PDRP Coordinator for your DHB instructions and support services.


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Page last reviewed: 25 July 2023