Assessors Information

​​​​​​​Please find all information on this page to help you carry out your assessments along with Training dates Assessor days and Forms.

Assessor Feedback Forms

RN Competent Assessor Feedback 2018

RN_Proficient_Assessor_Feedback 2019.docx

RN_Expert_Assessor_Feedback 2019.docx

EN Competent Assessor Feedback 2018

EN_Proficient_Assessor_Feedback 2019.docx

EN_Accomplished_Assessor_Feedback 2019.docx

DSN Assessor Feedback 2018

Here are some instructions to change the Yes / No on the assessment summary to a Yes.

Please remember to put the space in after the Yes and before the No, exactly as it is written in the assessment summary.

If you are completing a DSN assessment summary do not forget to put the NA in the box also or the computer will not recognise the change.

  •  Ctrl H
  • ​Write Yes / No (there is a space after yes and before no) in the 'Find What' box
  • Write Yes in the 'Replace with' box
  • ​then select replace all

 Assessor Moderation Forms

RN Moderation Form updated Aug 2019.docx 

EN Moderation Form updated Aug 2019.docx

DSN Moderation Form updated aug 2019.docx

Assessor Flowchart Forms

Moderation Process Flow Chart 2018


 Assessor Further Evidence Template 

RN Assessor Template for Further Evidence 2018

EN Assessor Template for Further Evidence 2018


Assessor Feedback Suggestions

Feedback Suggestions 2018


PDRP Assessing Days

Please find below our PDRP Assessing days for 2019.  If you would like to assess on site at Manawa on any of these days, please contact us at so we can book a room for you. Alternatively please advise via email if you would like us to send portfolios out to you.
Note: It is not required that you attend these days but we do suggest New Assessors who are assessing their first Portfolio choose one of the dates after training is complete to receive advice (if required).


14 & 19
6 & 26
15 & 30
13 & 30
2 & 25
7 & 20
12 & 30
15 & 31
4, 13 & 28
3 & 10

Current Assessor Training

​Date ​Contact ​Location ​Time
9 April 2019​Manawa - Room HP109​​8:00am - 4.30pm
4 September 2019​​Manawa - Room HP109​8:00am - 4:30pm


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